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Schneider Squeegee System

Schneider Squeegee System

Special-Screen Printing Squeegee for Hollow Parts Printing Processes

The Schneider squeegee system is a special silk-screening squeegee for printing on hollow glass, ceramics and plastic parts. The advantage: the flexible squeegee system offsets uneven surfaces and diverse radii.

Schneider Squeegee System

This construction is impressive because of its

  • even color distribution
  • squeegee heads that adapt to the outline during the printing
  • easy adjustment during production
  • easy replacement of the squeegee blades

The Schneider squeegee system is manufactured in our tool shop, the squeegee consists of an aluminum shell to house the flexible print technology. The pistons are made of acid-resistant, reinforced steel with precise tolerance. An additional distortion-safety device in the pistons prevents the distortion of outlines. The Schneider squeegee system can be used with any silk-screening system.

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